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Ζήτω η Ελλάδα! On March 25th, Greece celebrated the bicentennial - 200 years of freedom!

According to my 2021 tarot reading, March would be a big year for me. And it sure was, as everything found its way of falling into place.

The most exciting news is that I got vaccinated - Janssen, baby! While I felt like absolute garbage for the first day, it feels SO good to be done with it. It feels like we're finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I highly recommend making that step not only to protect yourself and everyone else around you, but also because it does feel like a big step towards the end of this madness.

March was also big because I've been starting to remember that I'm an actor again. I've been sending a bunch of self-tapes, was cast in a few small virtual projects going up in April/May (info coming soon!) and taking two classes at The Growing Studio. These have reiterated that whenever I'm working on my craft, I'm feeling like myself again.

Now for a story.

We all knew that I escaped to Greece for the entirety of Summer 2020 - you can hear more about that in the cabaret I'm writing about it. I almost got a second Master's Degree in Athens just so that I could stay there. I was ready to sign everything, but last minute something was calling me back to New York.


After seeing Lysistrata in Athens on my final night in the country, I remembered that the theater is everything to me. My career as an actor in New York has been driving me throughout my entire life - and when things open up, I want to be the first person in line at every audition.

So I came back and settled in my new neighborhood in Astoria. The goal was to just make a lot of money - if the theaters are still closed, I needed to get myself to a comfortable enough financial place so that I can dive face first into making my career happen once things slowly start opening up again.


So since September, I have been working 5 jobs, frolicking around as the Astoria Tinkerbell, and loving every minute of connecting with the people in my neighborhood.

However, something has still been missing. I have had a lot of fun - perhaps part of me has been making theater out of life. Working hard has been exhausting, but I did meet the most amazing people and grew in very necessary ways over the past year.


But my busy schedule has left a huge void because I haven't had the time to focus on my acting career. I think that after our final semester at grad school got cut short, and because I've struggled to see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel over the past year, I've found every other excuse to not work on my craft or my career. This is something that has happened before (if you saw Quarter-Life Crisis, you're familiar with this problem of mine!), and I need to get out of my own way - because there are big things that I want to happen.

With conversations around theater opening up, it's time. I'm moving into Manhattan to focus on my goals and do everything I can to be part of the first wave of welcoming theater back into our world.

I'll miss Astoria dearly but am extremely excited about this next step.

Also...if anyone wants to help me move, I'll love you forever and offer you pizza and wine! (Or I guess beer if that's your thing...but don't expect me to drink any...)

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