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APRIL 2022

April, come she will, when streams are ripe and swelled with rain.

Jackie went to Miami for 24 hours, burnt herself to a crisp, and now her skin is very confused.

Other than that, March was a busy month! The biggest highlight is for sure the scrumptious show she did with On the Spot! at the Broadway Comedy Club. She sung, an incredible improv team made a musical, and we all had a lot of fun. Enjoy a clip from the show! This is Apathetic Man by Goldrich and Heisler.


She did background work on lots of shows (Mrs. Maisel, Run the World, Manifest to name a few), took a whole bunch of classes at The Growing Studio, and was very impacted by the constant change of weather in NYC.


Lots of callbacks, which she was very fortunate for. Nothing booked unfortunately. But she's still trying.

She has a VERY exciting Eurotrip planned for end of April involving Madrid, Portugal (some combination of Lisbon and Porto), a layover in Milan, and then Greek Easter in GREECE!! She's starting out in Corfu and then seeing where that magical country takes her. She can't express how excited she is to go back there and how badly she needs it. You can follow her on Instagram @jackie.theoharis where she will be showing off all of her adventures.


She also really can't wait for the summer. Maybe she'll go to Greece forever and not come back. We'll see.

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