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JUNE 2022


HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY TO ME!! On June 2nd, I celebrate my highly anticipated entrance to my third decade. I always ask people on their birthdays the birthday questions - 1) What are you most proud of/grateful for about your life up to this moment, and 2) What are you most hopeful for looking at the next year. I have my answers!


1) I am most proud of and grateful for my intuition - how it helps me navigate the world presently and how it has allowed me to surround myself with the most beautiful people who have given me the unconditional love I have always desired.


2) I am most hopeful for 2 things (I know that’s cheating, but who cares, this is my game). Firstly, I am hopeful that I can continue to work to eliminate the idea of expectations, but not get them confused with goals. Secondly, I hope that none of my friends suffer this year.


It’s going to be a good year!!



Anyway, May was crazy (as are all of my months, I'm coming to realize). I came back to NYC after a MUCH needed month in Europe, frolicking around Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Italy. I missed my flight back home to NYC (lol), but thankfully, Delta is the greatest airline ever and gifted me a free hotel/meals for the night because I was so mad at myself. I was so lucky to be able to travel (very frugally, I might add), meet incredible people, and fall even more in love with this world I call home. I couldn't be more excited to return to Greece in July for 2 months for my yearly Grecian island adventures!!!

I was lucky to work with the Forager Theater Company in May on their musical parody mashup cabaret of "Seuss Side Story" - if you've ever wondered what happens when the characters of West Side Story meet the characters of Seussical the Musical, I worry a little about you, but this show brings you the full story! I absolutely loved playing Mayzie - a secret dream role of mine. Enjoy a clip from the show!

May also brought me some devastating news about a dear friend, reminding me that life is short. I have gotten into a practice of living every day to my fullest, but that certainly reiterated the importance of appreciating the little things and celebrating the big things. Life is also pretty beautiful.



Looking ahead at this month!!

JUNE will bring some very fun things. I'm working on developing the show about Greece (more info on that later). I'm taking a few classes at The Growing Studio, actively seeking representation, and working on a couple of cool consistent film gigs until I leave.

I'm also taking the time to enjoy June, because it's my favorite month of the year. I'm SO looking forward to all the Pride Month events, because I LOVE celebrating my chosen family and dear friends who remind me how beautiful life can be when you choose to be so authentically and unapologetically you. What a time to be grateful to be living in New York!


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