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Can't get enough? Check out Jackie's Youtube Channel!

On the Spot! 4/24/23 Highlights


What a blast it was returning to On the Spot! Check out some highlights from the April 24th show!

Acting Reel


See some of her filmed favorites!

January 2022 Singing Reel


Hear some work from her favorite tapes over the past couple of months!

NSD MFA '20 Virtual Showcase Monologue

Due to the pandemic, our showcase went virtual. Watch Jackie as Melissa from Little Man by Bekah Brunstetter!

NSD MFA '20 Virtual Showcase Scene
Watch Jackie's showcase scene with her fabulously talented and wonderful scene partner, Ian Atlas Lawrence! This lovely scene is from Broad City.

"Bring On the Men"


Watch a clip from Jackie's cabaret, The Truth About Greece. In this part of the story, she lets go after months of few sexual encounters due to quarantine.

Χθες Το Βράδυ
Sometimes Jackie knows Greek! Listen to her sing one of her favorite Greek songs.

"Me and the Sky"

I was super lucky to be able to take the first in-person class in April 2021 at The Growing Studio since the pandemic! Here is a clip of Me and the Sky from Come from Away - which is from my favorite show that is currently on Broadway - and tells the story of a woman whose love for something exceeds all else in the world, and who feels so unbelievably violated when it is compromised. Those of us in love with our careers can relate.

2020 Vocal reel!

Honestly, this reel is pretty old. But, I like my work on it, so listen to what I sound like when I sing!

"Do What I Do"
Jackie promotes her solo cabaret, "Quarter-Life Crisis" at the Salon at Don't Tell Mama.

Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind
Watch a glimpse of Jackie as Ilse in the FUDGE Theatre Company's production of Spring Awakening!

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