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...what is it about her?

Jackie is pretty much Greek yogurt with honey and granola. The first movie she ever saw was The Sound of Music, and she's wanted to be an actor ever since.

Gemini Sun. Everything else is in Cancer.

She received her BA in Theater Arts and Education from Brandeis University and worked as a teaching artist and actor in Boston. In an odd turn of events, she worked as a full-time cybersecurity administrator for 4 years before coming to NYC to receive her MFA in Acting from The New School. She graduated May of 2020 ( but still thinks that grad school was the best decision of her life.

Aside from theater, her passions include Greece, seeing all of the Greek islands, writing about Greece, talking about Greece, Greek food, Greek people...and also traveling to other places, lots of yoga, Christmas, cooking, long visits to the grocery store, dancing the night away, exploring New York City, and free samples. She doesn't wear makeup. Her go-to order at the bar is a Vodka Diet Coke. Her favorite duo is champagne and bacon. One time she snuck onto a boat in Greece for a romantic adventure. She loves talking to strangers. She was permanently banned from Bumble because she tried soliciting her one-woman cabaret and got reported by a whole bunch of dudes.

She regrets nothing.

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