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What a year, what a year!'s the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas time is extra-special-good for Jackie. She loves this season with all her heart and is feeling the joy and spreading the holiday cheer.

November brought the coronavirus straight to Jackie's immune system. She is now fully recovered and back in the world. Stay safe, everyone!

Jackie is still thrilled about the election results and couldn't be more excited to have a woman in the White House. Earlier this year, Jackie filmed Secret Service (days before the world shut down), and it is now available for public viewing! Watch Secret Service right here:

This year, Jackie narrated an audiobook KETOGENIC DIET: BALANCE YOUR HORMONES AND BURN FAT - and as of December 1, it is now on sale! Click here to purchase on Audible.

Jackie will be caroling this December in Massachusetts in various masked, socially distant, outdoor settings. She cannot wait to sing her favorite songs and perform again!!

Happy Holidays, everyone - let's end this hell of a year with some light!

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