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March 2022

March - going in like a lion, and out like a lamb.


Happy sort-of-almost Spring!

First and foremost, I have a show coming up at the Broadway Comedy Club on Monday, March 21!! I'll be performing with On the Spot - a musical theater cabaret improv evening - where I will be singing a series of songs and an improv team will be turning it into a musical - on the spot! CLICK BELOW TO PURCHASE TICKETS!


February was honestly pretty hard. So let's focus on what was awesome about it.


I got out of the city for literally 24 hours to see a dear friend of mine marry the woman of his dreams, which reminded me how I know some of the best people in the world. Nathan and Meredith had the most BEAUTIFUL wedding surrounded by calm lakes, snow-dusted mountains, and incredible company. Me, being the hot mess I am, literally went to the airport for my 6am flight after a night of bar hopping, because I am a piece of trash. However, that same night also reminded me of the amazing friends I have in my life, who, when times are hard, bring me a rose-tinted disco ball of a world that never fails to turn even the most difficult days around.

This month I was lucky enough to have a bunch of stand-in jobs that helped me work with some fabulous artists and really amazing directors. It was great exercise for my very competent swing-brain and reiterated how great of an understudy I make.

I took a bunch of classes at The Growing Studio, continuing to practice even outside of the million self-tapes I create. It's been reminding me of how much I LOVE being in class - even the ones where I fall flat on my face - and how much I value receiving notes.

February also reminded me of how much I love to work. And how I burn myself out often.

I think what's most difficult about this career is that you realize how alone you are - how no matter how much you put your heart and soul into it, agents don't want to represent you, casting doesn't always watch your videos (which you can literally see by the number of views on Youtube), and you are "screaming into the void" totally by yourself in your little apartment. While I know this is all part of it, and while I KNOW I'm not totally alone because everyone else is going through the same thing, it's been very taxing on this stupid little heart of this energetic yet sensitive worker bee - and she's been losing a lot of her joy, her face (that she still refuses to put makeup on) is starting to look like shit, and she's feeling all the anxiety of entering the third decade of her life in only 3 months.

So, for March, I'll still be grinding (because I honestly don't know how to stop doing that), but I'm going to work to slow it down just a little. I have a few travel plans (including heading back to LA next week for a couple of days to see my dear friend Justin), as well as potentially a Miami moment later on so that I can see the sun again. You all know how much I love the sun.

I've been talking about going back to Europe - but it depends on the state of the world, which I've been monitoring pretty closely and been totally anxious about.

All that said, I am still actively looking for representation, and I'm considering jobs outside of background work - so please keep me in mind if you know of a good fit!

And, please come see my show!!!!!!! March 21st!!!!

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