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Remember, remember the 5th of November!

How is this year almost done already?!

October was scrumptious and spooky. I stood in for Barbara on American Horror Story, did a bunch of BG work, had a bunch of exciting callbacks, and had a ball with all of my favorite people in the world.

I have some news!

I'll be returning with On the Spot again at the Broadway Comedy Club on Monday, November 7th at 8pm! This show is an absolute delight. Please join us! Tickets can be purchased here (make sure you're clicking November 7th):

My New Year's trip will unfortunately need to be cancelled (boo!), but it's for a great reason (yay!) - announcement on that coming soon, but I'll be performing all throughout January! So maybe it's time to stop drinking as much.

Through the end of the year, I'll be rehearsing for January's show, caroling a whole bunch (happy almost-Caroling-season!), and enjoying my absolute favorite time of the year. Lots to be excited about, lots to be grateful for!

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