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MARCH 2023

March goes in like a lion, and out like a lamb!

Gosh, I hope that statement is true! February flew by - we finished performances of Rock the Line by Kathleen Warnock at The Flea - it was an absolute delight playing Candy. For me, exploring this very lost human validated why I'm an artist and storyteller in the first place. Candy girl, you'll always be mine!

Since then, I've been attending almost every single EPA! It feels amazing being back in person auditioning again. I now live at the AEA building, so all are invited to my living room beginning at 6am on weekdays.

I also became a TRAVEL AGENT in February!!! If you have any upcoming trips and need help booking flights, hotels, rental cars, or excursions, please contact me for the best rates!! You can also use my travel website here, but also feel free to contact me for updated secret discounts :)

February was also fabulous because I finally made it out of the city and took myself to Norway. I had always wanted to see the Northern Lights, and I finally checked that off my bucket list! I spent 2 days in Oslo and 2 days in Tromso where I watched the sky light up and dance before my eyes. An absolutely beautiful trip in the middle of a Winter Wonderland.

In terms of more travel, I also made it down to Nashville for a callback at the beginning of March - I had never been before, so that was a super fun mini getaway. If I could just bop around from city to city, I'd be a very happy girl!

Now I'm still auditioning and submitting, doing every job imaginable that comes my way so that I can pay my rent, and looking for representation! I'm also in the middle of editing my book - if you know anyone in the publishing industry, please send them my way! Stay tuned for more updates.

And check out my new vocal reel!!!!

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