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JUNE 2023


Howdy, friends! Greetings from Bali!!

My birthday is June 2nd, and this day I'm an obnoxious princess for the day. So you can Venmo me $2000 if you want - @jmt5678.

Just kidding. Here I am in beautiful Indonesia, where I've been for a few weeks - I have started a 4-month travel journey. After I threw myself an early birthday party on May 13th in NYC (thank you to everyone who attended, I love you so much!!) I flew away just a few hours later! First stop was Boston for a quick layover where I had lunch with my father (aka my favorite person on this planet). Second stop was Athens, where I saw a dear friend just for a few hours, which really meant the summer has begun. Then Lesvos where I saw my dear grandparents for 3 nights. Then quickly back to Athens, where I flew to Qatar and had a 15-hour layover. I pretty much walked around the entire amusement park of an airport, then locked myself in the bathroom (terrifying) and then saw my lovely uncle George who happened to be at the same airport for a few hours!! Thank you uncle George for the business class Lounge access :)

I then flew to Jakarta, where I scrambled to find someone to fix my broken laptop. Turns out the battery was just dead and Jakarta's power system couldn't handle it (phew). I visited the national monument and ate yummy food, then headed on the overnight train to Surabaya. I arrived early in the morning - at which point, a bus picked me up in the middle of the highway (no joke - just stopped for 2 seconds to lift my suitcase up and then lift me up). Then I took an all-day 14-hour bus (which included an hour-ish ferry ride to Bali) and landed in Denpasar, then took a taxi to Sunar to spend the night. In the morning, a shuttle picked me up and brought me to Padang Bai, where I took a ferry to Gili Trawangan for 3 nights. Gili T is a super fun party island among 3 "Gili"'s - Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air - 3 small islands just northwest of Lombok. I met INCREDIBLE people on Gili T - lots of solo travelers, those similar with me with lots of wanderlust and who have a need to see the world and meet as many people as possible. It was a beautiful 3 days.

Then I headed to Lombok, where I REALLY fell in love with Indonesian locals. I saw two waterfalls, traditional villages, drank amazing rice wine, had amazing food, and fell in love with nature all over again. I wish I had weeks more in Lombok to soak everything up. Highly recommended.

Then I headed to Canggu for the night, a lovely beach village on the western side of Bali, right before heading to Uluwatu for 3 weeks to do my YOGA TEACHER TRAINING!!! This is something I've wanted to do for a very long time. I'll be here for the time being, deepening my practice and learning how to guide others. I'll also celebrate my birthday here!

I always get sad about leaving New York. However, when you get stuck, you have to switch things up a bit. And I certainly was stuck. And I'm only at the beginning of this adventure - we haven't even gotten to the bulk of the Greek Islands I've planned yet! I'm grateful and SO excited for the adventures ahead.

Be sure to follow me on instagram - @jackie.theoharis - for photos and videos following my travel adventures!!

In the meanwhile, I'm still auditioning, selling for MONAT!!! (email me at for more info) and finalizing a publisher for my book. All amazing things.


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