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FALL 2023

Let's do it...let's FALL in love...with OURSELVES!!! Because we don't need anyone else!!!


HEY Y'ALL! After 130 days of traveling around the world, Jackie is BACK IN NYC!! She had an incredible summer seeing Indonesia, Greece, Germany, Qatar, and Brazil. She went to 40 places in total (!!), bought a ring in each, filled 2 journals, and is still processing this incredible and very abundant journey of a lifetime. The world is so big! And so beautiful!

She completed her yoga teacher certification in Bali and is now a yoga teacher! Available for group classes and private clients!

In performing news, Jackie will be returning to On the Spot! on Monday, October 30th! This show is a musical theater cabaret improv evening - where she will be singing a series of songs and an improv team will be turning it into a musical - on the spot! PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR THE LINK TO PURCHASE TICKETS!!

While traveling is a beautiful passion, she is VERY excited to be home. Check out some of the gorgeous photos she took while abroad!

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