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June 2021

June is bustin' out ALL OVER!

Happy birthday to Jackie!! May all of your June 2nds be as special as she is determined to make her own.

Man oh man, it's been a busy spring for Jackie thus far! Biggest highlight has been performing her cabaret, Quarter-Life Crisis, live for a sold-out audience in May. She couldn't be more excited to be performing live again.

Speaking of cabaret - Jackie is THRILLED to announce her brand new show, "The Truth About Greece"! In June 2020 (one year ago - WOW!), Jackie escaped America and got to go to Greece for what ended up being the best summer of her life. Wait..really? How? Find out the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth - αλήθεια - in an evening of songs, stories, and lessons learned from the greatest pieces of land on earth.

Come see The Truth About Greece, playing at Don't Tell Mama on Wednesday, June 23rd and Friday, June 24th!


In other news, Jackie has been filming a couple of really exciting things that she can't announce on her website quite yet. Check back soon for updates!


Other than that, Jackie is sending out self-tapes, bouncing around her new Manhattan neighborhood, and taking classes with The Growing Studio, BDC, and of course, Modo Yoga! She feels grateful to be in NYC at such a special time and cannot wait for theater's return.


Jackie has learned a lot of lessons throughout the past 15 months - many of these will almost certainly be written about in a book, a play, or even another cabaret. But one thing is for certain - for Jackie, there is nothing more essential than live theater. The lack of this very important aspect in her life has been overwhelming. At this moment, she wants nothing more than to be back in that room again, in that powerful space that connects and welcomes people from all walks of life, carries countless stories about the complexity of the human existence, and encourages us to breathe, think, empathize, learn, and celebrate what it means to live a life. She could never love anything more and vows to NEVER come up with an excuse to not see live theater EVER again.

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