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JULY 2021

Happy Summer!


June was certainly busting’ out all over - from taking a plethora of in-person classes, to a million self tapes, to writing and performing and self-directing and producing my second one-woman cabaret in 26 days, I fully went all out as soon as NYC opened back up! A HUGE thank you to everyone who attended The Truth About Greece - if you missed it but would like to purchase a copy of the recording, click here for the details!


After June and a very busy first half of July, I was honestly a little burnt out. Both metaphorically and physically after a freak accident involving an electronic kettle and a glass that ganged up to try to kill me - so I am currently healing a pretty bad burn on my right leg. I’m totally fine, and honestly SUPER grateful because it could have been worse.


As I reflect on this past year and a half, I’ve come to realize that I never actually slowed down. At this point, my body and the universe are telling me to take it “siga-siga.” However, between working 110 hour weeks and still making time to progress my acting career, I think I am due for some healing time.


One of my soulmates recently told me that I can “be alive in Greece but still live in New York.” So, I have to go be alive for a little while.


I’ll be frolicking around Greece for the next few weeks with a bandaged leg and open heart as I continue to connect to this land that I am completely in love with. I’ll be exploring new islands and revisiting some of my favorites, and falling more in love with language. And you know, hopefully meeting a Greek man. Or two. Or twelve. Whatever.


I’m still actively making self-tapes, taking zoom classes, and available for zoom auditions while I’m here. I’m still completely available for work - in the spirit of a Greek summer, I’m completely open to changing my plans if necessary.


In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram @jackie.theoharis where I’ll be sharing some of my adventures.


See you soon, NYC! Καλό καλοκαίρι!

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