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It's Turkey-Lurkey Time!

Jackie has been a busy, busy bee! She has been working a lot in film/TV this month, and most recently joined SAG-AFTRA. That's right, she's now in both unions, babyyyy! (Which means she's now slightly more expensive...)

Jackie is also bringing back her one-woman cabaret on Thursday, December 2nd! She couldn't be more excited to bring this little piece back to life. Join her at Don't Tell Mama for an evening of fun. To make a reservation (and please do!!!) visit:

Jackie will also be performing in Edin, a new play by Marcus Harmon, running December 6, 8, and 11th as part of the New York Theater Festival. To reserve tickets, please visit

Otherwise...she's in the middle of caroling rehearsals and couldn't be more excited for CHRISTMAS, her favorite time of year!!!

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