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In the air there's a feeling of Christmas!

Jackie has been a busy bee, trying to make this December a one to remember - the best and the merriest she ever did have!


Christmas is her favorite time of year. She feels really lucky that she has a career where every day feels like you're giving someone a gift.


Throughout most of her weeks, Jackie is doing background work. Sometimes she walks. Sometimes she stands. Sometimes she sits. She almost never uses her voice for these jobs. Who knew acting could be so complicated?

She started out the month performing one of her solo cabarets, "Quarter-Life Crisis" at Don't Tell Mama. She was reminded of how thrilling performing is and couldn't have been happier to be in the room playing with a live audience. Enjoy this video of her singing "Man with the Bag" - one of her favorite Christmas songs!

Otherwise, she's deep into caroling gigs all around NY/NJ/CT. If your organization is looking for some carolers to help spread the holiday cheer this year, feel free to contact her and she'll put you in touch with the booking manager.

Jackie will be actively seeking representation once the busy holiday season is over. She loves what she does, but she could use some help!

Jackie planned to go to Spain for New Years on another solo traveling adventure, but she unfortunately decided to cancel due to the rise in COVID cases. While she loves making travel stories, she thinks there will be a better time soon. Also, who wouldn't want to stay in the greatest city in the world to welcome 2022?

She sincerely wishes you all a very HAPPY holiday season and a Happy New Year!

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