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Welcome to 20-20-YOU!

Jackie closed out 2021 in quarantine with omicron (go figure).

But before that, she was SO FREAKING BUSY!! December was her busiest month all year. She did a TON of background work, she performed one final show of Quarter-Life Crisis, and she had various caroling gigs all over the city. She is very lucky to have a career where every day feels like you're giving someone a gift.


She was supposed to go to Spain for NYE but unfortunately needed to cancel.

So, she went to California instead! She had always wanted to drive the coast, so she did. She cruised all the way down route 1 from San Francisco to San Diego, making stops in Carmel, Monterey, Big Sur, Morro Bay, Santa Barbara, LA (where she also managed to land an in-person callback! yay!), Long Beach, Laguna Beach, and La Jolla.

She ALSO, weirdly enough, had a bunch of virtual callbacks along the way throughout this journey - so she's getting creative with zooming from her hotel rooms, similar to her journey in Greece last summer. And, like always, she is still in awe at how amazing her career is.

She's a little nervous about the uprise in covid cases and how that's affecting the film/theater industry, but she knows that artists are (bizarre, and - ) resilient - so she's hopeful that performance art will still prevail.

She honestly doesn't know what the rest of 2022 brings. She gets extremely sentimental and goal-oriented when a new year begins, but because she doesn't have a whole lot lined up, she's wondering what is in store for this year. Only time will tell.

All that said, she's available for hire. Like, immediately.


In the meantime, she is taking classes, and SHE IS ALSO SEEKING REPRESENTATION!! She is looking for a badass agent who can help bring her career to the next level. She'll be reaching out over the next couple of weeks to those she thinks will be a good fit.


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