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MAY 2021

Tra-la! It's May! The LUSTY month of May!

April was a blossoming month for Jackie - after mainly taking a hiatus from acting for most of the pandemic, she has made some big moves and is back focusing on her acting career full-time. It feels so good to be back!

NYC is about to pop, and Jackie is ready to burst with it. She couldn't be more excited to announce her first in-person show since February 2020.

She'll be returning to Don't Tell Mama with "Quarter-Life Crisis" on Friday, May 14th at 9:30pm! Reservations are required - click below to make one:


While she's starting to perform in-person again, she is also still active in the virtual world. She'll be performing with New Repertory Theater as part of the Boston Theater Marathon's virtual program this year in Alexis Krysten Morgan's play, Following the Rules. Catch her on Tuesday, May 18th at 12pm - details and a link to come!


Other than that, Jackie is sending out self-tapes, bouncing around her new Manhattan neighborhood, and taking classes with The Growing Studio, BDC, and of course, Modo Yoga! She feels grateful to be in NYC at such a special time and cannot wait for theater's return.


Jackie has learned a lot of lessons throughout the past 14 months - many of these will almost certainly be written about in a book, a play, or even another cabaret. But one thing is for certain - for Jackie, there is nothing more essential than live theater. The lack of this very important aspect in her life has been overwhelming. At this moment, she wants nothing more than to be back in that room again, in that powerful space that connects and welcomes people from all walks of life, carries countless stories about the complexity of the human existence, and encourages us to breathe, think, empathize, learn, and celebrate what it means to live a life. She could never love anything more and vows to NEVER come up with an excuse to not see live theater EVER again.

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